Logikem has a specialised storage warehouse, measuring approximately 10,000 square metres, which is situated in Ravenna and is near major road junctions, railway lines and port routes.
Inside the warehouse, goods are handled using an advanced software system with radiofrequency technology.
In line with the most innovative and stringent safety standards, the entire site is certified and costantly monitored.

Warehouse management activity is customised and computerised and goods are accepted, quality-controlled and sent out using F.I.F.O and L.I.F.O methods that aim to optimise stock and facilitate customer business.

Picking is carried out as part of warehouse logistics.
Picking involves selecting goods from an original load unit, splitting them up and adding to other loads. This type of goods “sorting” is intended for both internal sections of the warehouse as well as other structures.

Packing & copacking
Items are prepared and differentiated with a view to putting them on the market.
Includes packaging, labelling, film wrapping, flowpacks, cross-folding and manual packaging.

Tax and customs storage service
The storage warehouse measures 10,000 square metres and is situated in a particularly convenient area near to major motorway junctions, railway lines and port routes.

Insurance services
Customised services based on personal requirements.